11 tips to get more FPS and better performance on your gaming PC

You will find multiple options under this section to manage how automatic sleep and hibernate state works for your PC. PC uses quite a lot of power even when idle, so it’s necessary to put it on sleep or hibernate if you leave and can’t shut it down due to important work on the PC. These options will make sure your PC goes to sleep or hibernate when left idle for whatever reason.

  • If the issue persists, reset your computer but keep your files.
  • But the easiest way to check manually is with Microsoft’s PC Health Check app.
  • As mentioned earlier, Battery Saver could also lead to Power Throttling in PC.
  • On Windows NT you can use either the “Last Known Good” option or RDISK to restore to registry to a stable working configuration.

Now our send_fax function looks and feels a bit more like Python, even though it’s an MS DLL under the hood. To make things a bit nicer and feel more like Python, we can hide some of the artifacts of the COM library by subclassing the generated Python classes. Sometimes we’re not fortunate enough to know ahead of time or have references available to us. They’re also not super convenient even when you have them, either. You’ll notice that, unlike a lot of ordinary Python classes, the User32 object we made before doesn’t tell us what methods exist in the DLL. You can try calling dir but that won’t yield you any useful information.

Your PC will continue to work and you can dismiss the message if you want, but there are risks, as we’ll end this section with. What to play Game Pass is one of the most popular features of Microsoft’s Xbox platform. For one monthly price, Microsoft offers at least one hundred games available to download and play, or play on Xbox Cloud Gaming, the company’s game streaming platform Here’s some more stuff. By creating the caveat that previously excluded users must install the latest Windows 10 beta to get Windows 10 free, Microsoft will now gain millions of additional testers prior to launch. This should give the company masses of extra data and the potential to fix any outstanding bugs all these new PCs reveal. On the other hand giving pirates legitimate copies could well re-monetise this lost group with sales of other apps and services by capitalising on their goodwill in being made legitimate.

Restart the Computer and Run Windows Update Again

Some malware programs may modify the host’s file to control DNS name resolution. Remove ALL entries for Windows Update and Microsoft Update from your Hosts file situated at C\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Regsvr32 /s wudriver.dllDouble-click the icon of the .bat or .cmd file; a command window will open.

do i really need to update windows 10

Microsoft lets you create Windows installation media so you can reinstall your OS in case something strange happens. The best option is to put the Windows installer on a blank USB drive with over 8 GB of storage. Make sure it’s a new and unused USB drive, because any existing content will be deleted.

Check for and Install Updates in Windows 11

When the cooling system is not adequate to keep the temperature within the throttling limits. AMD PowerTune and AMD ZeroCore Power are dynamic frequency scaling technologies for GPUs. By this point, you should know what CPU and thermal throttling are, their causes, and how to fix them. I already mentioned that one of the causes of thermal throttling is poor airflow and the way fans work, but I would like to talk a bit about fans themselves. If you think you have messed up the existing thermal paste, then you can remove the CPU cooler and apply the thermal paste again. If it is really high, then your CPU is thermal throttling.

How to Scan a Computer to Find the Processor Type

If the percentage is not constant at 100%, then the chip is not at max power. Alternatively, you can use the Ctrl + Shift + ESC keys on your keyboard to open Task Manager application. The system doesn’t have vcomp140.dll sufficient cooling and power delivery.

It’s also important to keep your PC updated to avoid viruses and other malware. Hackers are always looking to exploit holes in operating systems and apps that will allow them to send a virus, install adware, or install spyware. Although each new version of major operating systems includes more maintenance tasks that run automatically, there are still some tasks you should perform to keep your computer updated. An updated computer allows you to run the newest programs hassle-free. To update individual device drivers, you can use the Windows Device Manager. When Windows Update has completed all downloads and software updates, it may be necessary to restart your system to activate all the changes. An easy way to keep your system updated is by using Windows Update.

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